Wambi Fireside Chat Be The Leader Nobody Wants To Leave

Fireside Chat: Be The Leader Nobody Wants To Leave with The Baird Group

Join us on Tuesday, June 29th at 1pm EST for a 1-hr chat between Kristin Baird, Founder of the Baird Group, and Wambi’s CEO and Co-founder, Rebecca Metter.

Employees quit bosses, not their jobs or the brand they represent. Data shows that bad leadership has significant impact on turnover and low engagement. Uncover the importance of getting to the other side of bad leadership with Wambi CEO, Rebecca Metter, as she collaborates with healthcare leadership thought leader, Kristin (Kris) Baird, Founder of the Baird Group, to discuss key components that will help managers elevate their leadership skills. Kris’ research captures the most crucial leadership skills needed to increase engagement, build trust, and create loyal, high-performing teams. The COVID crisis has created a parallel pandemic of burnout plaguing our healthcare heroes and driving retention challenges. It’s time to apply new skills as leaders that engage and energize our teams. Discover the most important actions we can take to drive retention and build workplaces where employees thrive.

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With over 25 years as a nurse and healthcare executive, Kristin Baird, President and CEO of Baird Group, understands the unique demands on doctors, nurses and frontline staff. Since 1994, her consulting firm has worked with hundreds of hospitals, medical practices, and long-term care facilities on culture, leadership, patient experience, and employee engagement. In her flagship online training program, Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave, participants hone leadership skills that create a purpose-driven culture so patients, employees, and providers become loyal, raving fans. Baird’s proprietary model for culture change transforms the healthcare experience for patients, residents, and the people who serve them.


Since 1994, Baird Group has been on a mission to make healthcare better for patients and the people who serve them as a leading healthcare management consulting firm. Founded by Kristin Baird, a nurse and pioneer in the patient experience, Baird Group is a leading healthcare management consulting firm that is uniquely qualified to help healthcare leaders understand their current culture and the resulting experience. We can then drive engagement solutions that achieve greater loyalty with patients, employees and providers.

About Wambi

Wambi’s holistic real-time recognition and culture transformation solution improves the healthcare experience for patients and staff through the power of gratitude. Gamified engagement technology delivers real-time feedback from patients and team members that recognizes and motivates optimal care. With the proven ability to increase workforce engagement, reduce clinician burnout, and drive higher patient satisfaction, Wambi improves human connection for all.  Learn more about Wambi.




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